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Tzevet - IDF Veterans Association


Sella Group House

14 Baruch Hirsh St.

Bnei Brak Israel

POB 2222 Bnei Brak 51121

Tel: 972-3-6173500, Fax: 972-3-6173520






The establishment of the association


At the end of the Fifties the first group of IDF career army soldiers began to retire. They shared a common military and professional background and faced similar challenges and difficulties in the transition to civilian life. Their friendship and social ties became stronger during the period of retirement from the army and building a new life, and in October 1960 nine of them announced the establishment of an organization that would handle the common interests of IDF veterans. This was the beginning of the Tzevet association.


Members of the association


The association has developed from year to year, and the number of members has constantly increased. It has established a reputation for its activities and the help it provides for its members. The membership of Tzevet association reached 31,500 in 2010, including about 2,800 women as well as about 2,300 widows of members. Retired officers and warrant, some of whom – The members live in places throughout the country – still serve in the reserves and engage in a variety of occupations. Some of them have served in major public offices, such as the President of the State, Ministers, MK's, head of local authorities, while others fill senior executive positions in the private and academic sectors, such as bank managers, businessman, industrial managers, professors and lecturers.



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